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Chris Delaney

Hello everyone, I’m Chris Delaney a graduate of the Mind Coach Academy created by Colin McKay of Life Training Systems. I am a Certified Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and Source Pattern Reset (Time Line Therapy® ) practitioner. I offer 3 types of programmes for clients, Personal breakthrough, Goal setting and Fear of flying phobia programme.

The Personal breakthrough programme typically involves 4-5 sessions with post-therapy support available. This programme is designed for people to get beyond emotionally limiting states, beliefs and behaviours. A detailed personal history is elicited to find out the structure of the problem and how it’s been created and maintained. We then move onto unlocking the problem, releasing the emotions, integrating parts and finally a resourcing (hypnotherapy) step including help with any goals the client might have.

The Goal setting programme is designed to help anyone that doesn’t have any emotional limitations but struggles to set and achieve goals.

I am also an airline pilot working for a UK airline, I offer a Fear of flying programme session for anyone that suffers from Aerophobia. I will gain an understanding of
your dislike towards flying and answer any specific questions you might have. Then using tried and tested methods including creative linguistics and Time Line Therapy trauma/ phobia models I can help you overcome your flying phobia.

More information is available on my website theflyingmindcoach.com

A recent client on my personal breakthrough programme had this to say

“Chris put me at ease and he spent a long time going through my personal history, understanding my issues and the problems I had previously encountered with hypnotherapy. Consequently, before we started Time Line Therapy® , we worked on building a connection with my unconscious mind. After doing this, the emotional flood gates opened allowing memories to pop up out of nowhere and I was finally able to remove the block and trust my unconscious.

After removing the negative emotions and beliefs we focussed on hypnotherapy to instil the positive learnings from the Time Line Therapy® .

My confidence grew after each session and I started to feel a real sense of empowerment. I now feel like a completely different person and have achieved the kind of shift and improvement which I set out to achieve a long time ago”.

Qualifications: Certified MindCoach Practitioner, Certified hypnotherapist, Source Pattern reset/Time Line Therapy® practitioner.

Contact: I offer a free, no obligation, 20 minute discovery call to discuss your limitations and for you to find out more information on my programmes including prices.

All sessions can be completed on Zoom/Skype/FaceTime as well as face to face if you prefer.

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